Thursday, February 21, 2013

Will Herman Cain Ever Learn???????????????????????

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Herman Cain Says Obama Won Because America Has a “Severe Ignorance Problem”


During an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, failed presidential candidate and Fox News contributor Herman Cain threw fresh meat toHerman Cain2 Fox’s right wing base, asserting that Obama voters are ignorant. In Cain’s mind, President Obama won reelection because voters were just too stupid to know any better. Cain even took it a step further, saying that America’s choice of Obama is indicative of a “severe ignorance problem.”

O’Reilly scoffed at the notion. “Oh come on,” he said. “You think after that long, long campaign that you and all the other Republican hopefuls engaged in, and that [former Republican presidential candidate Mitt] Romney has a billion dollars to spend on his advertising, and you’re still telling me that the American people are misled? I mean, how dumb are we?”

“Yes Bill,” Cain replied. “We are that dumb. Keep in mind, not everybody. Remember, he got 51 percent of the popular vote. So when you say all of America, no… We have a severe ignorance problem with the people who are so mesmerized by his popularity that they are not looking at the facts.”

“Martin Luther King Jr. said 50 years ago in 1963 something that is so appropriate to today,” he concluded. “There is nothing more dangerous than serious ignorance, and that’s what we have and he gets away with it with the help of establishment media.”

This is really the worst sort of playing to the base because it only serves to inflame both sides of the political spectrum, and does nothing to advance any authentic policy discussion. Throw away conversations like these are the real reason why conservatives are so comfortable with calling liberals Libtards, and why some liberals waste no time mocking conservatives as Tea Baggers. And all Cain is doing here is adding his own personal pound of animosity to that horde mentality. It’s anti-intellectual, but it makes for good TeeVee and the folks on right eat it up. And isn’t that what political punditry is really all about?

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