Saturday, September 10, 2011

Parents, Are You Ready!!!!

Welcome New Parents and returning Parents to the first day of school. I know that this year will be a very challenging one due to additional budget cuts and excessing of Teachers city wide. We know Albany does not have extra funds, and Congress under Republican leadership believe in, "doing more with less." Can we afford to neglect our children? Parents, will you attend the once a month PTA meetings? All the information concerning your child's school will be discussed. Parents, will you Turn Off the Television at home and mandate strict study habits? Parents, when ever possible will you volunteer in your child's school or on class trips? These questions are essential to a new Parent and returning Parents. How many did you say "Yes"? How many said "No"?
Parents, will you give good advice  to another from what you learned the previous year? Will you explain what their role is in the school? Will you work with the Principal everyday to ensure a most productive school year? Will you help raise funds and provide the small supplies(i.e. hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper) that the D.O.E. has cut off? We must show how in spite of budgetary restraints that our schools will function above and beyond all expectations.
Now for returning teachers to our community, i found this Article:
PATTERSON, N.J. — Jennifer O’Brien has been suspended from her job as a Patterson, New Jersey first grade teacher after she made a post on her blog referring to her students as “future criminals.”
O’Brien claimed that she wasn’t a teacher — but a “warden for future criminals” — and said that she wanted a “Scared Straight” program for her young students.
The New American reports:
Wow, does the N.Y.C. Dept. of Education monitor the Teachers or Teacher Aides to see what they write about our children? How do they really feel about teaching today? These questions are not to bash our teachers, but can our community root out the bad fish? Did Principals take into consideration not to measure just test scores but an overwhelming commitment that EVERY CHILD MUST LEARN. This 2011-2012 school year will enlighten us all.

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  1. Thanks Timothy for posting. Parents are the most valuable resource for improving schools. Look forward to additional ideas and discussions regarding parents and schools.