Monday, August 29, 2011

Throw Your Guns In The Air

'Throw your guns in the Air', was the name of a popular song by the early 90's rap group Onyx. And "Buck Buck like you just don't care" was a popular verse. A song nearly 20 years old that young men of color still idealized to this day. In the 80's as well as the 90's dodging bullets is nothing new to the baby boomer's of that era. Now jump ahead 10 more years, a new era of gun violence has emerged. No longer do they shoot at each other at park events, but shoot up in the air to cause human stampedes.
I was sadden to learn that South Jamaica Queens has the most reported incidents of menacing with a gun in 2011. Our youth have not had male role models to guide them. We are quick to blame society, but have we looked in the mirror lately. Yes we can say government should help, But We Must Lead. No one can understand a community better than those that were raised there. Far too long many sat around a dinner table and talked about what's wrong. Now lets talk about solutions.
Can we really change our youths behavior? Well, not over night. We must mentor to those that will listen. Remember South Jamaica Queens, this will be a movement to save thousands of our youth. However, we will not be able to save them all. Some may have to end up in the penal system, some may have to go to a form of boot camp. Still many can be saved here if we commit ourselves to this task. There are proven programs that work for our youth(i.e. United Black Men, Life camp, NAACP youth council, Southeast Queens Young Dem's to name a few) . These programs with little or No Funding carry on the fight to save our youth everyday. We need to support these and other like organizations. Stand Strong Urban America, Lets Change Our Youth One Child at a Time!!!

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  1. Great post, as I follow the news, FB, Twitter and speak with friends, this is a global issue with young people of the African diaspora. Trinidad just instituted a curfew. Philadelphia Mayor spoke on the issue of young people being out of control. We need to hear how other communities are dealing with these issues, share successes, failures and ideas. We need young people be part of this dialogue and movement. We need to look at programs that have worked and that are currently working.

    How is the funding from NYC Mayor for young males being distributed?