Monday, July 25, 2011

Can Two Parties Work Together

What happen to America first? Did Congress forget that we will default August 1, 2011. I blame political leaders on the Republican side that must answer to the Tea Party. Well we must let them know that one small group will not speak for the country. The RNC claims that a plan was put forth to the President that has bipartisan support. To quote a republican congressman" You Lie".
There was no agreement that included even some of the President's demand for a long term balanced approach. America can no longer afford tax cuts for the very wealthy. We Must Raise Revenue and Cut Spending. Manny more Americans are living on Social Security. Will Speaker Boehner let 20 million Seniors starve? Your own party believes that default is wrong, not now not ever!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

America's Debt Ceiling

Can a brother get a break? President Obama is asking Congress to raise the Debt Ceiling for the first time in office. Did America forget that under Bush we raised it seven times? Can a Brother get a break? Republicans say that our deficit spending under Obama's first year in office is over 1 Trillion. Did America forget about the Stimulus package that included bailouts for Banks and the Auto Industry? Or to the citizens of this great nation that's out of work? Can a brother get a break? We are fighting two wars over seas that cost tax payers nearly one Billion a week. Republicans demanded tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans without any new plans for generating revenue. I as the question again, Can a brother get a break? For eight years we have watched former president Bush sink us down a hole and the Republican controlled house did nothing to stop him. Where was the Ultra-Conservative or Tea Party then? Speaker Boehner needs to stand up like our President and make the tough choices for our Country. This Mess will take years to get out of, but we all must share in the pain!!!!!!